Dirk Stangier

Dirk Stangier

Dirk was born and raised in Pendleton, Oregon. He graduated from Willamette University with a Degree in Economics and Public Speaking. After graduation, there was a brief stint with the State as a Statistician, a couple of years with a hard money lending firm, and one season with H&R Block.

Then, in 1982, he came to work at CFP, Inc. Dirk started as controller for CFP and was, and continues to be, the Broker of the commercial real estate company affiliated with CFP. Early on in his tenure there was a brief interruption in his employment when he spent two years with a local CPA firm. That detour allowed Dirk to become a Certified Public Accountant. He is currently licensed as Inactive.

During his nearly thirty years with CFP, Dirk has focused on real estate related investments. Working for Dick, various CFP clients, and CFP’s retirement plan, Dirk oversaw the construction of, then the day to day management of numerous apartment complexes around Oregon. Currently he is overseeing the operation of assisted living facilities located in four different states.

Contact Dirk Stangier

Phone: 503.588.2988 or 888.588.2988, Ext. 338
Direct: 503.540.6983
Email: dirks@cfpinc.net

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