Harold Christensen

Harold Christensen

Harold joined the CFP Group Benefits Department in August 2006. His primary focus is with creating and reviewing employee benefit programs for small to large businesses.

Harold grew up traveling the South Pacific with his family living in Guam, the Trust Territory, Hawaii, and finally settling down in the Pacific Northwest. These travels led to a thirty-year career in the Travel Industry, most of them as a business owner.

Harold’s experience and background provide him with the insight needed to understand problems from the business owner’s viewpoint. The ability to meet a client on an owner-to-owner mindset enables him to present solutions quickly.

Throughout his career, Harold has been involved in the Salem Chamber of Commerce as well as Rotary International.


Contact Harold Christensen

Phone: 503.588.2988 or 888.588.2988, Ext. 313
Direct: 503.399.3813
Email: haroldc@mymgteam.com

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