Small Employers’ Health Insurance Tax Credit

Do You Qualify for the Small Employers? Health Insurance Tax Credit!! By Fred Fischer, Benefits Director, CFP, Inc. Health Reform ACT – Small Business Tax Credit   When the PPACA – Health Reform Act passed in March of 2010, there was a provision included for a Small Business Tax Credit on employer paid health insurance […]

Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary Employee Benefits allow employees who want more benefits to choose and pay for what they can afford By Fred Fischer, Benefits Director, CFP, Inc. The MetLife 8th annual Employee Benefits Trends Survey said that benefits was the number two job satisfaction factor, second to job security, with compensation following in third place. Surveyed employees […]

Why Dental Insurance Should be Part of Your Health Plan

Why dental insurance should be part of your health plan. By Laura Wilson, Benefits Administrator, CFP, Inc.   Tightened budget have caused many businesses to cut some of the “extra” benefits such as dental or vision insurance. Some believe that these “extra” benefits, especially dental plans with limited maximums, may not be worth the premium; […]

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