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Financial Services

Financial Services

We have found that many corporations and affluent individuals take a planning approach to long-term financial decisions. However, when it comes to investments they find that they are left with a transactional approach because investment options are spread among stockbrokers, bankers, and other investment resources. We believe that many of these institutions compete to maximize money under management, but we find that many institutions may not take responsibility for comprehensive planning. With so much at stake, we believe that it makes more sense for corporations and affluent individuals to achieve an integrated planning approach, tying various strategies into one comprehensive plan.

PartnersFinancial supports this integrated approach in several ways. Because Member Firms advise clients on a wide range of insurance and benefits issues, this can allow you to analyze investment decisions in the context of other planning and product decisions. And, because our “CFP, Inc.” professionals can link client planning data with the firm’s access to sophisticated economic, investment, and money management analytical resources, you can get sound advice.


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